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Seize the Day book

You only get one life. What are you doing with yours?

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Also available in Spanish.

Faith Words

Gain insight on how to live every day to the fullest!

Live today with tomorrow in mind.

Living on purpose for a purpose is the most exciting, rewarding way to live! Discover how to bring greater peace, joy and goodness into your everyday life.

Avoid wasting time.

What do you let hijack your time? Learn simple ways to make your day more productive.

Take charge of your life.

Wishing won’t change anything! Identify weak points in your productivity in order to become more proactive.

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The truth is, nothing good happens accidentally. But with God on your side, you can become the person you want to be and accomplish whatever He leads you to do. 

About the book

Frustrated by a season in her life where she lacked focus and wasted days in indecision, Joyce prayed for answers. As she prayed about it, God began showing her the importance of living life on purpose. And now she’s determined to help you make changes that will help you get rid of worries and regrets, and start living on purpose, doing all God has for you!

Joyce’s newest book will help you learn to plan wisely, live each day with purpose, and fuel your determination to take hold of God’s plan for your life!


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Don’t wait to take control of your life.

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Also available in Spanish.